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The Beginning of Everything by Andrea Buchanan

“Andrea J. Buchanan’s The Beginning of Everything explores the abrupt derailment of her ability to function and to think, due to an under-diagnosed disorder that can happen to anyone. The story of her difficult journey through diagnosis and treatment, and her inspiring self-designed rehab, is compelling for patients, caregivers, and readers alike.” – Connie Deline, MD, Spinal CSF Leak Foundation

Karen’s Journal of CSF Leak Headaches and Chronic Pain by Karen Shettler Paddock

“This glimpse into Karen’s own writings offer hints of the depth of her suffering, yet like many with chronic disabling illness, much of what she endured was not openly shared. Sadly, devastatingly, it is only after her suicide that a greater awareness of what she endured has come to light.” – Connie Deline, MD, Spinal CSF Leak Foundation

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