Resource Documents

Download these documents to share with your physician(s) family and friends.

>> Spinal CSF Leak Overview
>> Spinal CSF Leak Symptoms
>> Spinal CSF Leak Causes
>> Spinal CSF Leak Diagnosis
>> Classification of Spontaneous Spinal CSF Leaks
>> Spinal CSF Leak Treatment

This is a good resource for patients newly diagnosed with spontaneous spinal CSF leak:

Mayo Rochester has a brief summary for medical professionals:

Cedars-Sinai discusses spinal CSF leak:

Duke Radiology has a brief description of spinal CSF leak:

This trifold brochure can be printed for awareness events:
>> Spinal CSF Leak Awareness Trifold

This Wallet Card can be printed to help with being allowed to lay flat when needed
>> Medical Accommodations Wallet Card