We are launching Spinal CSF Leak Foundation Support Community in partnership with Inspire. Inspire is a trusted company that builds and manages many online support communities.

Our new support community will be a great way for us to offer informational and social support to each other. Join in and share your story in either post format or personal journal format and read about others experiences in navigating through symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment issues. Find out what others are doing to support healing with better nutrition and sensible ways to maintain or regain fitness. We will be sharing new developments as they arise. Together we can make a difference to those suffering with spinal CSF leaks and their loved ones.

We love that this online community is mobile-optimized with customizable privacy settings and advanced search functions. It is recommended that you keep your identity confidential, which can be particularly important to those who wish to shield information from disability insurers or employers. Email notifications are also customizable and provide quick-links to recent discussions.

Inspire hosts other support communities; you may join as many as you wish. Some of our members with Ehlers Danlos are members of the EDNF Support Community, for example. The Invisible Disabilities Association Support Community is also popular.

We hope to see you there!

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Spinal CSF Leak Foundation Team – in partnership with Inspire